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      Hey Guys,

      Recently dropped a EuroDDL in my rack, and I have a few questions—

      1. Delay Range (Hold Invert) – What does this affect, and what is this measured in and what is the range?

      2. Delay Glide (Hold Kill) – What is this measured in and what is the range? I assume it’s a slew when the delay time changes

      3. Are the above 2 related?


      Thanks in advance



      PS–the manual says to System Reset the module, hold ACTIVE, and power on. But There is no ACTIVE Button, I played around, and it’s actually REVERSE.

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      played with it and explored the DDL 500 manual.

      1. The range of the Delay Control.
      2. I think it’s seconds.
      3. no

      hope this helps someone else

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      Hmm, I never gave this product a look until I built a modular. Now, it may be my very first effect module. For now, an H9 in the mains effect loop has sufficed. Daddy has a new xmas present for his 2020 list 🙂

Viewing 2 reply threads
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