Eventide Anthology II 1.5.1 Windows installer will not run on Windows 8

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      Hi Eventide,

      I've just built up a test system on Windows 8 64 bit with my HD TDM Accel3 cards and Pro Tools 10.3.6 and wanted use the Anthology II bundle but unfortunatley the installer will not run, it wont run in Win XP compatibility mode either ;(
      Is there a plan to update the installer?

      I will try and copy over the dmp files from my Win 7 machine and hope that works but a fix would be preferred please!


      Neil Hester


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      HI Neil

      I tried this out on a win8 pro 64…I did not have any problems with the installer and the plugins were installed fine.

      The installer is in a compressed file , so you might have to extract the installer before you can run it. Can you give me more details.


      Amey Rairikar

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      I just looked at the download age and you have recompiled to 1.5.2 a new installer i didnt know about.
      That does indeed run ok but i get the old MSRVC dll missing errors on the Pro Tools plugin startup scan.
      So i place the missing dll's that Dan Gillespie emailed me as " EventideHelper" last time this hapned and it now runs and i can insert the plugins.

      BUT now this error is back with the eventide Reverb:


      So this issue needs fixing still and the missing dll's need to be included with the installer.


      Neil Hester 

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