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      Posted by anixe

      hi dan,
      after installing the anthology bundle on our system and opening digidesign protools anthology only came up with a dialog window with the options, buy, try, or quit but no function for authorizing the software. we did download the most recent version from the eventide homepage installed it and proceeded with the ilok registration and registered the software online. how do can we authorize the plugins now? any tips?
      greetings – hendrik

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      Posted by Dan

      Hello Hendrik,

      You are on the right track, you actually want to continue authorizing the plug-ins using the confusingly named “buy” button. When you hit this button it will ask you to insert an authorized ilok; if you have one, it will find it. If the authorization is still on the license card it will tell you that it has found no authorized iloks and you will tell it to search license cards. If you have the license card inserted correctly you will be able to authorize from it, at which point it will pull the license off of the card and on to your ilok.

      I hope this helps,
      Let me know if it doesn’t,

      Dan Gillespie
      Eventide Inc.

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