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      FT Worth Texan

      Good Day everyone.    I just purchased the MicroPitch stompbox and have began messing around with it on the floor and also within Eventide Device Manager.   I have seen the videos online of using the Device Manager with the Rose, but haven’t seen an answer to what I am looking for .

      I understand the functions of each of the knobs.   But I don’t see anywhere where it mentions what adjusting the arc that is around the knob does.   Sometimes there is an arc around the outside of the knob and it is adjustable.    Just trying to figure it out.   Also if there is a Device Manager instruction manual that would be helpful.   In the meantime I will keep reviewing the Device Manager with the Rose videos.  Thank you.


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      Eventide Staff

      Hello FT Worth Texan,

      The arc around the knobs on the Eventide Device Manager indicates the expression range mapped to that particular knob. The blue dot indicates your starting point or minimum setting, while the orange dot indicates end point or your maximum setting. If you connect an expression pedal and rock it back and forth, you will be going through the range of expression as you go from heel to toe. EDM makes it very easy to adjust expression ranges, as you just need to move the dots to the positions you prefer. Keep in mind, it is possible to make the range move in the opposite direction, where your endpoint is actually in the toe position; this is indicated by a dark orange arc, not blue.

      You can see this in action in this part of the MicroPitch tutorial: https://youtu.be/lfi0sbn5c5Y?t=924

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      FT Worth Texan

      Thank you for the response.   That totally makes sense.  Also, thank you for the link to the tutorial.   That should help.

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