Eventide: do you really need a login to update firmware?

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      I changed the password *twice* because the update process did not like it, and then the updater could not contact your server for some hours.  OK I know a firmware to a stomp box is not super urgent, but it should be freely available without logins and applications which don't like you at unexpected times.

      Maybe you don't want proprietary code available to millions, fine.  Making it easy for the punter who bought something would be nice.

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      Sorry to hear you are having problems. Have you tried the tips suggested on this thread-


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      +1 to the OP. Love the product, but the update procedure has been a nightmare.

      I've followed all the tips, but EUU still says cannot connect to the server and anyway, I'm not able to even register my Timefactor (with the helpful message: "A system error occurred while registering your product. Please contact Eventide support", but without even a simple email address link to support).

      I've emailed support, but a simple download of the latest firmware would be so much easier.

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      Your updater is stupid and won’t login.

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      haha that was harsh.



      I haven’t had any problems with any of my 4 stompboxes.


      Create a new thread and explain your situation.

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