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      Jake Bell

      My Eventide 4500 has a probelm with the S/P DIF connection. It might be the cables.

      I have it patched into my TC electrionics Konnekt 24. using Logic X. The TC software paNEL SHOWS

      BLinking signal…it seems there is no S/P DIF connection and there is no sound signal shown on the TC mixer tracks

      on the software panel. but there is sound coming through Logic from the keyboard controller to logic virtual instruments,

      The LCD screen on Eventide reads as follow under “Set up”

      SCMS OUT – Copy free

      sample rate     0

      S/P DIF      Bad

      SCMS IN     Bad Data

      Pre emphasis off


      can you tell me please what you can determine from this error message?

      Thank you kindly in advance.

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      Eventide Staff

      The 4500 is quite old now, so there is a limit to the support we can give. The screen info you give suggests that it is not seeing the S/P DIF.

      First thing would be to try "known good" cables. If those don't help, you need to test the source by connecting it to something else. If that is good, it would suggest a hardware fault on your 4500.

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