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      I'm a bass player and I'm in the process of replacing all the non distortion pedals on my board with an Eventide H9.  The only pedal I'm having a problem replacing is my Envelope Filter.  I can't seem to get a resonable sounding Envelope Filter out of the H9.

      The fact that it's an H9 means that I can use any algorithm, so can anyone recommend an algorithm and some settings that can get me into Envelope Filter land?

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      Audition the ModFilter instead of the Q-wah. I found I got a much fatter sound from that algorithm. 

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      I'm a bass player myself, and sometime ago I added a Bass Wah (and Bass vocal wah) to the Q-Wah algorithm b/c I found it lacking on the low end.   After doing that, Q-Wah has worked pretty well for me for an envelope follower as well vowel sound wah, either sweeping a single vowel up/down or morphing between two vowels.  Anyway, personally, I prefer Q-Wah to the ModFilter.   

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      The bass filter in the Q-Wah is okay, but it doesn't really get very wubby or very wet sounding. I found the ModFilter gives a much thicker bass envelope sound.

      I use an Agent 00Funk right now, and the H9 just can't emulate some of those sounds. Or even like an old DOD FX25 – the H9 just can't get that greasy, deep, or squishy sound.

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