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      I’ve noticed that sometimes the Eventide EQ65 vst is not working when a project is first opened and the song played until I open the EQ65 UI and select and change one of the parameters, such as the HF cutoff frequency. Toggling the effect off and on doesn’t help.

      It’s VERY audible, such as when HF cutoff is lower, 4K and there is a lot of HF above in the underlying wav. I can clearly hear this and see it when looking at a later spectrum in the chain.

      Any thoughts on why this might be happening? Solutions? Reaper or Eventide issue?

      At this point, the only solution is to open every instance of EQ65 and click something in them.

      Windows 11, Reaper v 7.16

      This essentially makes it impossible to depend on EQ65 for any project. It works great but being forced to prime the pump (open the UI and change a setting for it to be active) makes using it a non-starter.

      How can I help narrow down the issue, if is Reaper or EQ65? No other effect seems to have this issue so far. It’s also inconsistent and almost random. I haven’t figure out the pattern yet, nor if project size, number of plug-ins, is relevant.

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      Sorry to hear you are having issues and thanks for the thorough information you have provided. We are able to reproduce something similar to what you are describing, could you please email support@eventide.com and we can troubleshoot this further there? It would also help if you could create a screen recording that demonstrates the issue.

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