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      I use the TimeFactor Looper quite a lot and find that the footswitches on the unit have a really nice feel (more give than most foot switches). I sometimes use a Digitech FS3X but, though it is great being closer to the floor and inclined I find that the way the switches work is more clunky and actually find I time things better with the switches on the Eventide box.

      Does anyone know of a 3 button aux switch that has switches like the Factor pedals?

      I wouldnt mind trying to make my own footswitch so if you could let me know the specific brand / part number of the footswitches that the factor pedals have I could get the exact same ones.

      If not a Eventide SwitchFactor?? 

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      At the moment I am looking at this:


      Haven't bought any yet, but they look nice.

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      Eventide Staff


      I could get the exact same ones

      Probably not – the 'Factor switches are surface mount pcb types, so you  would probably have to design a new circuit board to use them.

      But, glad you like them …

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