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      Hello there, my first post as i have just bought this unit a few weeks ago and all was working good apart from it scrolling through about 6-8 presets before it settles on any one it chooses when conected  through midi with a couple of other units through a foot controller in a guitar based rack system. This only started occuring a few days ago and i have tried connecting the midi devices in different combinations and still the same result. It is the last unit in the chain which runs through a rack mount switcher then ito a couple of other units and controllers, just yesterday the unit froze. It powers up, lights on signal paases through it no problem just no sound. The only thing on the display screen is “The H3000 D-Series Ultra Harmoniser” What could be wrong with the unit? I have tried powering up and down a few times and nothing just the same message.Any help would be appreviated

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      Sorry – we can no longer support these units as they are too old (introduced 1987) and no-one here knows anything about them (many of our staff were not born in 1987)..

      In more general terms, my guess would be that the problem is either your MIDI controller, or the MIDI circuitry in the 3000. Loading multiple programs in a row is often a sign of a baud rate issue, which means a hardware problem somewhere.

      Since units are often sold second-hand because they have a problem, you could discuss it with your vendor.



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