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      First of all hi everyone i'm new here! A friend of mine has just bought an Eventide H8000FW on my recommendation. I am mixing his album for him so right now it is under my custody.

       I just had a couple of questions concerning it. First of all i currently have it setup as follows:

      RME Fireface 400 ouputs –> H8000 Analog Inputs –> FF400 XLR inputs. So far i am using the two XLR inputs on my FF400 to monitor & record the audio being passed through the H8000.

       I wanted to know if this is an ok routing setup or should i be using it in another way? I would also like to know if it is possible to use it via Firewire with Cubase 4, i.e i connect the Eventide via firewie to my FF400 & then be able to use it in Cubase 4.

       I do not really need to use it but i am wondering what the advantages might be if this is possible, as it is not mentioned in the manual.

       Last question is, one of the reasons my friend bought it was because of the harmonizer functions. Are there any tutorials out there on how to use the H8000 to creat vocal harmonies? I have tried the presets but it is really mind boggling at the moment to figure out how to get them in tune with the vocals. If there is a preset that could be a good starting point then i would appreciate the heads up.

      Thanks for making such a great product & i'm sorry if my questions are too basic, i am still trying to digest the manual!


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      Hi Salman

      the use of the H8000FW and a FireWire audio interface is possible *IF* the DAW software allows drivers aggregation. Logic and ProTools so support this. Otherwise you are restricted to a single FW driver. Hopefully software houses will enable this on all DAW out there.

       The advantages of using the Eventide on FW would be the ability to send/return audio from your tracks for external fx processing, all in digital domain.

      Regarding vocal harmonies, what exactly do you need to do?

      Pitch shifting comes in 2 major flavours, chromatic and diatonic.

      Chromatic:  pitch is shifted in 1 cent steps. 100 cents equal a musical semitone (half step).

      Diatonic: this variety takes into consideration tonal music system parameters such as Key, Scale and Interval. You set them to the song key and scale and pitch shifting will stay within that scale.

      all the best

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      Thank you for the reply! So i assume that my routing setup is correct & i'm not losing any quality by having the audio pass through my interface.

       I read in another thread that the H8000 converters are probably better than the one's on my RME FF400 interface, so do you think i would be better of using the H8000 as my interface instead? 

       I hope someday Eventide can release a plugin that can allow us to use the H8000 as a regular vst plugin! 

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      You can try and check what you hear! That is always the best test. 

      all the best

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