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      Is anyone using an H9 (or H90) with the Disaster Area DMC micro pro?

      I’ve been having some strange issues getting the H9 to work correctly with the dmc micro pro (or the micro to work with the H9, depending on your perspective).

      DMC micro pro firmware is up to date

      H9 firmware 5.9.1 (latest)

      I’ve set all the CC numbers as per the DMC micro pro documentation (https://www.disasterareadesigns.com/support), but the H9 rarely gets the on/off (activate) state correctly when switching between presets on the DMC micro. For example, I have a set up with two H9’s and an H90. Each song has its own preset on the DMC micro, which specifies the program number for each pedal and whether each pedal should be active or bypassed. The H90 is always on, so to speak. The H9 on channel 2 seems to mostly behave correctly (i.e., if the dmc micro preset has it as “bypassed”, it is bypassed) but the H9 on channel 3 seems to only be active with each preset, regardless of the message being sent from the DMC micro.

      I am able to go to the device page for the H9 and toggle the pedal on and off there, but it is always “active” when switching to a new DMC preset.

      I’m honestly not sure whether this is an issue with the DMC micro or with the H9. I’ve tried the H9 on different channels, both at the start of the midi chain and downstream. I’ve also used a midi monitor to log what the DMC micro is sending and it seems to make sense: CC42 (which is assigned to “activate” on the H9, per the DA documentation): either 0 (when the DMC preset is “bypass”) or 127 (when the DMC preset is “activate”).

      I just tested this out with the H90 as well (I hadn’t configured the MIDI cc beyond “tuner”) and the same issue is there: I am able to toggle the program on/off from the DMC micro pro, but it does not show up as bypassed when switching to a new DMC micro preset.

      Could it be something like the DMC is sending the midi data too quickly for the H9 to parse and it misses the note value (“0” for off)? Or maybe a bug in the DMC micro?

      To further muddy the waters, I didn’t notice this issue when I was running just one H9 and an H90 (although/because both pedals were usually activated)

      Any help or resources appreciated. I’m also reaching out again to Disaster Area, but wanted to post it here, too, just in case it could be helpful to others or if other forumites had insight. (The issue doesn’t seem to occur with my non-Eventide midi pedals, although there’s a tiny sample size there: Korg SDD3000 and CooperFX Arcades).

      On the brighter side, I’d been using two H9’s and a Morningstar MC6 mkII, but after getting the H90, I realized that I was able to pretty much everything I wanted to in performing with just the H90. I then sold the Morningstar to offset the H90 investment.

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      Eventide Staff

      If you are loading presets on the H9 or H90, they will always load in the state they were saved.  If you want them to load bypassed, you need to save them bypassed.

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        Oh, I’d totally overlooked (or forgotten about) that.

        So, in other words, the active/bypass state of the preset on the H9/H90 is baked into the preset itself.

        That may indeed be the issue. (And I would have save myself hours of troubleshooting and midi monitoring! But: time with an H9/H90 is always time well spent).


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