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      Hellu! Hi. I have bought an eventide H9 max used, and would like to know how to see how many people have used it before me? If thats even possible?

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      Why do you ask this question? Is the device working? Do you have any problems. The best idea is to ask the person you bought this device from.

      Ask him if he bought the H9 as new.

      And if not go back the chain.


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      I guess, Eventide might know, on how many accounts it has been registered. But, one user may have more accounts and move units between them. And on other side one may let his account to a new user. No transfer of HW on accounts is done despite the fact the users have changed…

      As Aeugle poited out, the best is to ask the seller.

      Maybe better question than how many users might be how old the unit is…

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      With your serial number you can check how old the device is.

      Just ask the Eventide customer service. They are very friendly and really fast. Unfortunately not the standard for that business.

      Don’t worry if the device is an older one. Digital electronics normally never fail. Maybe some mechanical parts like footswitches fail. Exchange of mechanical parts isn’t a big thing. As long as you don’t have problems installing the newest software just be happy. If you want to sell the H9 again the price is nearly independent from the age of the device.

      Greetings from sunny Munich

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      Dear Administrator.
      This thread is not helpful for anyone in the community.
      So please close the thread.

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      threads never die

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