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      Hi Guys,


      Would like to ask for your comments on connecting the H9’s Right In and Right Out to a 3Lead Audio Wonderlove’s fx send and return.

      I’m setting up a pedal board with the following setup:

      Musicomlab EFX Mkiii+

      Loop 4: H9 -> Loop 5: 3Leaf Audio Wonderlove (Wonderlove FX Send to H9 Right In, Wonderlove FX Return from H9 right out) 


      My intention is:

      1. to be able to have the H9 “in front” of the Wonderlove (with the Right In and Right Out disabled)

      2. to be able to have the H9 “behind” the Wonderlove with loop 4: H9 disabled by Musicomlab but with the H9 Right In and Out’s active to use it to feed through the Wonderlove’s FX loop.


      Also, one concern is that if I use the Right Ins and Outs, does it sound a lot different when I have the Left in and Outs on the loop just before. I can’t imagine what it would sound like if I have Loop 4: H9 left in and out On, then Loop 5: Wonderlove with FX send and return H9 right in and right out ON. Any thought? Thanks and more power!





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