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      Hello dear friends, so i been using the Eventide H3000 plugin and its great, but from studying the manual of the hardware and plugin i have found that i CANT recreate the famous ‘Magic Air’ preset (used on all of tupac shakurs vocals) of the hardware, the manual shows that it uses 4 voices to make the effect and the plugin only allows me to use 2, from all the information ive gathered online, it uses two pitched up algorithms, this is some of the information below, i have tried contacting eventide but all they tell me is they will see if they include it later, if anybody can help as far as any additional setting information that can add or confirm to this information below it would be greatly appreciated, thank you guys and gals. 


      515~MAGIC AIR~MULTI-SHIFT~This has two upward micro-shifts and two delaysin a tight, ambient formation. Use to liven and slightly raise flat vocals or to generally thicken sources.~D/SE, H3500The left pitch change is set to 12 cents and the left delay is set to 84ms, while the right pitch change is set to 6 cents and the right delay is set to 144ms.

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      So a helpful representative told me some information but not sure how i would do this on the software


       This is the factory settings for Magic Air in Eclipse (Preset #479)


      – Level1: -6 dB

      – Level2: -6 dB

      – Pitch1: 12 cts

      – Pitch2: 6 cts

      – Delay1: 84 ms

      – Delay2: 144 ms

      – Feedback1: 0 %

      – Feedback2: 27 %

      Parameters for FXA: multishift 2

      – Routing: xfade

      – Routing Levels (FXA Mix): 100%wet (both)

      – Routing Levels (FXA Level): 0.0 dB (both)

      Left Channel: -6dB; +12 cents; 84 ms; delay feedback 0%; panned hard left

      Right Channel: -6db; +6 cents; 144 ms; delay feedback 27%; panner hard right

      Output: 100% Wet; 0.0dB output


      Modulation settings (this is where im stuck at)

      Settings for Modulation


      – mode: systemtempo

      – ttype: update

      – run: 0.000 sec

      – delay: 0.600 sec

      – bpm: 100.0


      – rate: 1.67 Hz

      – t_rate: 1/4 note

      – shape: sine

      – retrig: 1.0 cycles

      – angle: 0 deg

      – duty: 50%


      – TAP retrig: off

      – audio retrig: off

      – thresh: -40 dB


      – adsr: in1

      – sens: 32 dB

      – retrig: 5 ms

      – attack: 200 ms

      – decay: 20 ms

      – sustain: 100 ms

      – release: 100 ms

      – dlevel: 60 %

      – slevel: 75 %

      – trigg att: 0.002 sec

      – trigg dcy: 0.100 sec


      – env: in 1

      – f attack: 0.100 sec

      – f decay: 0.100 sec

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      Eventide Staff

      Hi – unfortunately the H3000 Factory plugin only recreates the Mod Factory and Patch Factory algorithms of the H3000. Since Magic Air is built on Multi-Shift, you won't be able to fully recreate it. However, maybe another user has created something that approximates it using the modulation sources of the Factory plugin.

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