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      Hey guys

      I have a big problem at the moment with my midi switching for my eventide. Basically im running it through channel 1 from the unit and of course the ground control. im having an issue with my eventide receiving commands from my ground control. it wont change patches. doesn't happen all the time but it will every now and then. i cant seem to find the problem. Ive change channels, cables but still nothing. as i said, it only happens sometimes but truth be told i cant have it happen when im on stage which sadly…..it did 🙁

      has anyone had this problem and can anyone help. Ive emailed voodoo lab too 



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      I ran a GCP with my factors without this intermittent problem.

      If you have tried different cables…. dodgy socket on one of the devices?

      I would take one thing out at a time until you can reproduce it with the least number of links in the chain.

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      hey man

      i did try that. problem is still there sadly. I now know its not the GCX or the Lexcion. Those are working fine together. I thought it might be the midi out of my lexicon to midi in of my eventide that might be the problem but its not. I tried pluggin it in to just the GCx and problem is still there. The thing is this. i dont know if its the eventide midi socket cause it only happens every now and then. Its diffecult to find the source of the problem when you dont know when its going to crap out on you. furthermore i thought it might be a particular patch on eventide that might be the problem but once again its not. it happens on more than one patch. I tried updating it……..still got the same issue.

      Im running out of ideas Crying

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