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      Hi all.

      Yesterday i got a TimeFactor in a trade. Im new to all this Eventide world, and to be sincere i couldnt get the TimeFactor to give me the dry signal of my guitar in the whole hour i spent tweaking knobs. All i could hear was the wet signal, despite of me tweaking the Dry/Wet knob and every other knob on the board. When the pedal is on bypass there is absolutely NO signal at all. I powered it using a universal adapter. I dont know what to do. Can anyone help me? PLEASE. Thanks in advance.

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      Eventide Staff

      Many possibilities:

      1) The unit could be faulty. Beg borrow or steal another one, and see if it does the same thing.

      2) There may be a problem caused by not using the correct power supply. We STRONGLY recommend that you do not use unapproved power supplies. But, to be fair, a power supply problem is more likely to affect the wet signal, not the dry one.

      3) Most likely – you may have some kind of cabling issue – try different cables, making sure that they are mono type (tip and sleeve, no ring).

      If all else fails, contact support@eventide.com, especially if the unit is less than one year old.

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      killdry setting?

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      Eventide Staff

      Mr caveman is of course correct – this could be it.

      If you have just received the unit, I would recommend that you return it to factory defaults as described in the User Manual. This will deal with many possibly incorrect settings.

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