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      Even though this is technically a support forum per se – would anyone be opposed to our perhaps starting a thread here where we can post photos of our pedlaboards using Eventide units for general discussion of pedalboard-related methods, techniques, usage, etc as well as general gear-pimping/showing off? Wink

      I know plenty of folks do so on Facebook tagging back to the Eventide Stompboxes page, but since 1) not everyone here is on Facebork or wants to be, and  2) it gets real tiring having to wade through all of the usual Facebook "D000d, u suxx if you need that many pedals! My axe, one cable and Marshall stack, 'nuff said mannnn!" troll responses….it might be nice to do something like this as an alternative option. Smile


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      I wouldn't be opposed to this.

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      I'll be up for a page dedicated to user pedals boards. It's good for business, you somethin like…I dunno Confused…Eventide-FightersStick out tongue

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