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      I'm looking to buy a mixer or an audio interface so I can start recording on my PC and would really appreciate some guidance to ensure I'm not going to run across any impedance issues with my set-up.

      In most cases I will need a minimum of two channels:

      1. Guitar > Pedals > Factor Stompbox > Audio Interface/Mixer > PC

      2. Vocals > Pedals > Audio Interface/Mixer > PC

      (when recording guitar or vocals with an eventide pedal though I'd ideally like to record in stereo)

      The Alesis Multimix 4 USB looks a good option: http://www.alesis.com/multimix4usb

      Channel 1 has a button for guitar level inputs, so I assume I'm good to run my vocals > pedals into this channel.

      And for my guitar I'm guessing I can run guitar > pedals > factor stompbox into Channel 2 (for mono) or Channels 3 & 4 (for stereo)…as long as I set the factor stompbox for guitar level in and line level out?

      Is that going to work? I'm assuming setting the factor stompbox with guitar level in and line level out is the equivalent of using a DI box between the pedals and mixer to lower the impedance.

      An alternative I've found is to use the Alesis IO2 or IO4 which has 2 or 4 guitar level inputs: http://www.alesis.com/io2

      Any advice or guidance or this issue would be much appreciated.


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