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      Hi everyone!

      I’m writing because I’m reorganizing my pedalboard and I have a doubt.

      I want to use my Electro Harmonix Superego by sending the send into the input 1 of the PitchFactor, sending the output 1 of the Pitchfactor into the return of the Superego.

      I’ve already tried it and it works, my question is, can I use output 2 of the Pitchfactor to send the signal to another pedal?

      This is a Strymon Timeline delay pedal that is controlled by an external true bypass looper, so input 1 (left) is used for the send of the looper, output 1 (left) goes into input 1 of an Eventide Space, output 1 of the Space goes to the return of the looper.

      In this way, the only possibility I have is to send the output 2 of the PitchFactor into the input 2 of the delay pedal.

      I did a test, the signal comes in and is heard, but it is very low, maybe it’s just the wet signal…

      I was wondering if I had to set a particular routing internally to the pedal and if in this case it is necessary to set the kill dry

      Thank you very much!



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      Eventide Staff

      If you connect to both outputs of an Eventide stompbox, each output will be half of a stereo pair, so if you use one of them as a send, it will miss part of the signal. But, try it and see.

      The pedals don't have any internal routing, beyond that used for Pre/Post or Wet/Dry modes (see UM).

      You would normally only use killdry with a parallel effects loop, or an effects send and return from a mixer.


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      Hey Sal – Maybe you could split the output signal signal with a Y cable or buffered splitter. JHS makes a great buffered splitter. You could eve hide under your board if you’re using a raised board.


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