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      Just recently picked up an Eventide Rose, and for the most part hugely impressed. The core delay sound is gorgeous, love the filter dial for repeats, all of that. But there is a frustration that maybe someone could help me with. I’m trying to dial in some bloopy arpeggiating delays, similar to those you find on the Chase Bliss Thermae. I’ve found couple of ways of doing this on longer delays: select a square wave shape and either dial the rate knob completely CCW and use the depth knob to tune the pitchshifting, or use the delay multiplier. On the latter, it never gives you an interval that’s in tune or correlated to the root bite, and on the former, you have to be a safecracker to dial in an octave/fifth, etc.

      Is there something I’m missing? If not and this is how the pedal is, would Eventide consider some kind of firmware update allowing for a more precise setting of note intervals (maybe something in EDM?). Grateful for any help on this, thanks, and congratulations to Eventide on an amazing (if initially slightly frustrating) delay pedal.

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