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      I’m trying to simplify my pedalboard, and instead of running my signal out to my Midiverb and then back , I want to use my Space to do the things it does. Love the reverse reverb sounds on the space, but I havae no idea if it’s possible to make that very particular ‘Bloom’ sound (patches 45 and 49).  To my knowledge it’s something along the lines of  a modulated reverb and delay, but also with the reverse envelope….

      So, is it possible? How would I manage that? Are there any setting already in existence? I appreciate any help! The Space is my all-time favourite reverb (owned two) but this is one thing I have no idea about.

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      Now that’s an interesting challenge.  I haven’t seen it done before.  I have one of its predecessors here [MIDIFEX soapbox – Preset 50 Medium Bloom, plus the Device Squad EEPROM].  Very unique.

      I have 3, 4, 5 base algorithms in mind to try out.  Not so sure yet that the Bloom is a true (backwards) reverse reverb; inverse envelope, yes.  A little grainy, and probably topping off at 12 kHz.

      Lots of diffusion is a requirement here.  I believe the ‘modulation’ comes from being in a feedback loop (although modulated delay lines sound great, too).  The real key will be getting that exponential attack, while maintaining the lushness & decay.  I’ll try a few different approaches, as time permits.

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      Appreciate the help! Not really any rush for it, but it would make my setup much smaller and usable. Also possibly useful is the low bitrate on them… I think they’re only 16?

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