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      I’ve already opened an inquiry with Eventide support but just wanted to post this here in case anyone else had any bright ideas.


      “I have a well-used and beloved Eventide Space that has been giving me fairly consistent problems for the last year or so. Regardless of the signal level, impedance, algorithm, or output level, I am hearing very distinct crackling and popping. The green signal level is on and peak LED does not fire. 


       I think the unit is at least six years old. Note that the display was replaced by Sweetwater about 4 years ago while it was still covered under their 2-year warranty.


      According to this thread, it’s possible that a memory chip is faulty: https://www.eventideaudio.com/community/forum/stompboxes/space-popping-and-crackling-noise“


      Any advice or guidance is appreciated!



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      Eventide Staff

      As the thread you mention says, this can be caused a a problem with the delay memory chips. Unfortunately we don't have an automatic test to detect this, but it seems to occur only when running certain reverbs.

      It could also be caused by a faulty power supply, or cabling issues.

      I would suggest that you check cabling and make sure you are using the supplied power supply.

      If you find nothing, you will probably have to send the unit in: support@eventide.com

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