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      Hi all,

      Has anyone else experienced the following problem? Or can you offer me any advice as to what might be wrong?

      – Used my Eventide Space pedal a couple of weeks ago, everything working fine, as normal.
      – I left the power cable in and the adaptor plugged into the wall but turned off the mains switch.
      – Went back to it two weeks later and it's completely dead. No power at all.
      – Have tried to power it up with an alternative power supply but still no luck.

      Any guesses?

      Have I burnt something out by leaving it plugged in? (even though it wasn't on)? I was using the official Eventide power supply that it came with.

      It's no longer under warranty and need it working again fairly urgently. Don't really have a spare £500 to buy a replacement either…help!

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      It's difficult to say what happened. There may have been a power surge that damaged something. You can send an email to support@eventide.com and they will provide you with repair options.

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