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      I recently got given an Eventide Space Reverb pedal from a friend of which I believe is second-hand. I plugged it in with the original adaptor included in the box and for the first five mins or so of playing, it worked perfectly and sounded amazing, but then, all the sudden it started glitching-out like crazy. Its menu would uncontrollably and repeatedly glitch from one setting to the next in a matter of milliseconds, whilst expelling a lot of noise through the amp. Initially, I thought it was a power problem, but after plugging it with my pedalboard's power supply, a Voodoo Labs PP2+, on output 5/6, the same issue occurred after a couple of minutes of use. 

      I have searched on online forums and it seems I am not the only one with this issue. How can this be fixed?
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      Eventide Staff

      There is an internal connector which gave trouble on one batch of units a few years ago – yours may be one of these.

      If your unit is still under warranty, send it in to be fixed. If not, either do the same, or have a techy friend open it up and check internal connections.

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