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      I just got the SPace a couple of days ago, and i just moved to Beijing. I tried using it stupidly not thinking about the 230v power system here and i fried my power adaptor. I was wondering what most people do when they move from the states to a place with a different current? Does the AU power adaptor work with the Space i bought from America? Also on the website it says 9v dc 1200ma power supply, while in the pdf version of the manual it says 9v 500ma. Which is it? Or does it not matter, muy confused.

      please ease my stupid head

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      Eventide Staff

      You should look at the other power supply discussions in the forum. Essentially:

      1) You can buy other format supplies from the Eventide Web Store. All of these will work with your Space.

      2) In the interests of reliability we initially overrated the PSU which caused confusion (sorry !). The 500mA value is nearer to the reality.

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