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      Hi all,

      Just posting as couldn't find definitive answer of this.

      Im running a Space from the Chameleon at 12v DC (along with three other 9v devices).

      According to Space it requires 1200Ma but I hear no noise using theChameleon with its stated 300Ma.

      It can also run at 9v DC from the Chameleon. I assume using 12v is preferable though.

      T – Rex will sell you a polarity switcher cable. Unfortunately this comes in around $20 with shipping plus a long wait. This means the centre is positive. 

      One can simply cut the blue Chameleon cable in the middle, soldier each wire to each other, and seal with electrical tape. 

      Luckily for me a guy at work is a sparky so he did it for me. But I'd certainly do this myself to avoid waiting two weeks for a delivery from Europe.. 

      Hope this helps someone out. My original Space power supply failed so I was glad of a quick fix cos I need those awesome verbs innit!

      Ill come back and upload a pic.

      Cheers Ben

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