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      Hey fellas, ive got my Timefactor hooked up in one of the loops of the RG16 and Ground Control Pro. Midi is hooked up as well for preset change. I figured out how to use the Ground Control Instant Access to Tap Tempo the Timefactor. Ive recently bought a tap tempo switch though because i wanted the instant access button for another pedal. The tap tempo switch works fine on the Aux switch of the Timefactor.

      My question is, i hooked up the tap tempo switch to the Expression Pedal 1 of the Ground Control Pro and activated it on my preset but it didnt work that way. I set the tap tempo CC to 64 on the Timefactor and set the Expression Pedal 1 to work with CC #64 but the tap tempo switch just wouldnt work. What went wrong here?

      Any solutions? I wanted to hook up the switch to the Ground Control cos i dont want a long cable going to my rack just for the tap tempo. Thx guys.

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      I don't think you can use a footswitch on the Ground Control's Expression Pedal input- that seems to be for expression pedals only.

      I would consult Voodoo Lab to find out for sure.

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      Is that confirmed? If The Ground Control is able to send midi to tap tempo with their instant access than shouldnt converting an actual tap tempo midi data through their expression pedal be simple enough? Its just momentary switch as opposed to the expression pedal function. 

      K, hv written on their forum…will update here once i have a confirmation.

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      You may have considered this already… if I understand what you're trying to do:

      The Aux switch input on the TimeFactor must be a stereo cable otherwise a mono cable will be constantly reporting that the "ring" switch is being activated.

      If this is even an issue, a get by solution is to partially insert the 1/4" mono plug so that the tip is making contact with the "ring" connection inside the jack. Set the TimeFactor to receive tap info on the "ring" and insert the the other end into the ground control.

      This way whenever the relay latches in time only the "ring" will be grounded.

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      Did you ever get this problem solved? I'm trying to do the same thing and I can't get it to work. Thanks!

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      The switch needs to be a latching type – clicking the switch alternates between on and off – rather than momentary which is on when held down and off when released. I found the answer here:
      I got a guy here is Australia (Bryce at http://www.loopipedals.com.au) to make me one and it works great.
      Hope that helps – even though this thread is old.

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