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      I’m experiencing sound problems with my Eventide Time Factor stomp boxBasically the pedal is emitting very high frequency clicks and pops when it’s active and sometimes even in bypass mode. I’m sending a stereo drum beat into the input and going stereo out into the mixer, but I tried running my guitar in mono and going into an amp directly and the clicks are still there.

      I tried updating the software, changing my entire setup over and over again, the clicks wouldn’t go away. I even purchased a new Eventide power adapter

      but it didn’t really fix the problem. Strange thing is that I also own a SPACE stomp box which is behaving super well with my setup, absolutely silent

      pedal, no unwanted noise. I typically go into my SPACE first and then the Time Factor.

      I’m starting to think that my Time Factor may be defective at this point and I’m wondering where and how I can get technical support. Any ideas or feedback would be much appreciated! 


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      Eventide Staff

      Alas, it sound like you may have a hardware problem. If it particularly occurs on reverb-type effects, this would point to a memory fault.

      To send it in for service, contact support@eventide.com


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