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      Hello folks,

      I have recently decided to use my Timefactor through an RJM Mini Effect Gizmo on ts own through my amp's loop. The setup consists of a couple of other pedals running in series in front of the amp via the Mini Effect Gizmo. My basic question is how would I be using my Timefactor in the most effective way in order to keep my tone intact? I find that the Timefactor is by far the cleanest out of any stompboxes I've used so far and less digital sounding. On the other hand I've bought the Line Mixer in order to use it even more effectively and have more control. By the latter I mean, I'd like to be able to control the volume of the Timefactor when used (probably through an Expression pedal). My view is that I would set the TF to Killdry and then control the volume (100% being completely wet and 0% being completely dry). Could I be doing this using an Expression pedal? Can you guys shed some light?

      Thank you,


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      Hi Euripides,

      In a parallel effects loop, Killdry would be an appropriate setting. You can assign an expression pedal to control MIX on a per-preset basis. There is also a Global MIX option that keeps MIX values the same for every Preset.


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