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      Hi, I've had my timefactor for almost 2 years now, never had any problems with it before.  Last week I powered up my board for soundcheck, the timefactor activated and there was a single click.  Following that everything looks normal and I can still swap between patches but the L.E.D.s don't activate and there is no sound.  When I switch from bank mode to play mode the middle one lights up… Help Sad

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      Have you tried re-initializing the TF? Press and hold the middle footswitch and the encoder while powering up… it'll erase your presets, though. You can press and hold the right footswitch and encoder while powering up and it won't erase your presets, just restore the factory system settings.

      Have you recently installed a newer version of the software? You could try reinstalling it, or install an earlier version.

      If none of that helps, I'd contact Eventide support directly.

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