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      I searched around the net looking for something on this, but really didn’t find anything, so I figured this would be a good place to ask.

      I’m trying to achieve the EVH delay sound on my H9 Max.  Don’t think Cathedral, or Women in Love.  This is more of a dramatic effect that’s turned on for a few seconds, then turned back off.  He used 2 Roland SDE-3000 rack delays with one set to about 400ms and the other to about 800ms in a wet/dry/wet setup.

      Sure, dialing in 400 and 800 is easy enough, but I’m looking for this specifc tone and just can’t quite get there.  

      The new Boss DD-500 has an SDE-3000 preset it in.  This video below illustrates it well:

      I would THINK there would be an Eventide algorithm that could get VERY close to the tone in the above video.

      I’ve played around with the Vintage Delay, and the Digital Delay ramping up the XFade.  I just can’t quite get there…

      Can anyone please advise how I could dial in that tone on my H9?

      Thank you in advance!

      EDIT:  He also has the specific delay settings used on the DD-500 posted in the comments below the video.  I just don’t know how to translate that info to an H9.

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      I’m wondering if I’m reading too much into this effect…I’m wondering if the true ‘magic’ of getting this sound is just the dual delays, which all Timefactor algo’s can do anyway. However, I don’t think the Timefactor can do phase inversion of the delays and/or the delay repeats.  I also haven’t messed much with Spactime either, so maybe that’s an option?

      Can anyone tell me how much the ability to invert the phase actually matters?

      I’ve attached a screenshot of the setting I came up with to get that sound.  It sounds FAIRLY close in my opinion.


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