Exp pedal looses half of it’s sweep.

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      I have an H9 Max controlled by a line 6 ex1 expression pedal. I somehow lost half of the sweep on my exp pedal. Ive tried a second ex1 pedal and have the same problem. My h9 Ipad app confrirms that exp pedal only sweeps to the halfway mark. It worked for me for awhile. Nothing changed as far as I know. I’ve read that the ex1 is a good pedal for the H9. Could it be the problem? I would really like to have the full sweep of my expression pedal. Thank you for any help!

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      Have you tried calibrating the H9 ? Look in the User Guide under "Expression Pedal".

      When you are done, make sure that PDLCAL is set to OFF, as, if it is left on, the pedal sweep can change as you describe.



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