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      Hi, this is my first post in the Eclipse forum! I just got
      an Eclipse and I’m digging through it and referring to the manual trying to
      wrap my head around the possibilities.  I
      have stumbled upon “Expert mode” and see there are multiple levels to select (I
      believe it defaults to 3?). I can’t find anything in the manual or even a
      google search that goes into any detail as to what I can expect when I change
      the values. At the moment I’m not familiar enough with the menus and submenus
      to identify what gets added or enabled when the Expert mode is higher.

      I would at least like to know where it defaults (for mortals)?
      What magic will I find if I set it to its max? What value is the most useful to
      access the most important parameters without it become difficult to manage and


      Thanks Eventide!

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      Eventide Staff

      Expert mode was something we thought might be useful, but was not really developed. It affects a few algorithms in terms of what is displayed (don't know which), but can largely be ignored.

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      All levels in expert mode are the same .

      They expand, reverb and diffuser, delay lines for editing in {effect A or B edit}

Viewing 2 reply threads
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