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      I have the Mod/Time Factors and just got the Pitch as well.  I am about to order an expression pedal for each of them.  Seems like the EB Jrs are the most used/recommended.

      My question is on the 2 available.

      EB jrs come as an active (25k ohm) or a passive (250k ohm)

      It seems as though the passive is the right choice, but the correct ohm recommended is 25K which is only available on the active.

      Is there a correct or better choice here?

      Which spec trumps?  Passive over Active  or 25K over 250K.  It seems you have to choose one or the other…can't have passive 25K.


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      The active/passive description is just a recommendation for selecting the right pedal for your pickups so that you get the optimal volume profile (if you were plugging the guitar direct to the volume pedal)…there's nothing 'active' about the pedal.

      For the record, I use a Roland EV-5 on my 'Factors.

      I was using the EB VP Jr (25k) as a controller for my G-System and that was fine.

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