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      I’ve just bought an Expression Pedal for my H9 and it works great! I love how you can make it purely volume change or it changes settings in a preset. With the presets, is there a way to manipulate what you want in the preset? It seems to change certain settings in different presets. For example, with a twin delay it will manipulate the Delay Mix. Is there a way of chosing what the expression pedal controls?

      Cheers 🙂

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      MrT wrote:

       Is there a way of chosing what the expression pedal controls?

      Yes, check out the section of the H9 Control manual about programming the expression pedal patch.  The manual is bundled into H9 Control, but you can also read it online:

      The relevant section is on pg 14.

      Or, if you don't use H9Control, look at p.25 of the H9 User Manual.


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      Thanks for that, works great! Tried to use a Y lead to use the Expression Pedal and another auxilary but didn’t seem to work.. I followed all the instructions in regards to Tip and Ring etc. but seems to affect the output

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      Yep thanks, followed these instructions but was still playing up. Have an M-Audio EX-P Pedal whaich works really well. Was going for tap tempo but I see it is not recommended! That’s why I assume. Will just use the Tap Tempo on the pedal and use the Pedal stand alone.

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