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      I updated to the latest version available with no problems a few weeks ago, but for less than a week, I have to state that the expression pedal is going crazy, as soon as I step on it. When I engage a preset and don't use the expression pedal to control a knob, it's OK, but as soon as I step on it, values of the controlled knobs are going up and down pretty quickly, even if I stop to step on the expression pedal. I reinitialized my TF and that made no changes to this strange behaviour. 

      I use a Boss EV5 with which I didn't have any problem yet… Any ideas? I remember that someone had the same problem a while ago on this board, but I'm not able to find these related posts.



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      Eventide Staff

      Most likely the problem is your pedal or cables. Try and beg/borrow other ones and see if they do the same.

      Plug and unplug it a dozen times to clean the contacts.

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      Thanks, I plug/unplug it several times as suggested and it now works like a charm! Thanks for your input!

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