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      I've owned my Eventide for about two months. I added a Roland EV-5 to it shortly after purchasing it. For some reason, the expression pedal stopped working on my saved presets where I had values saved, and on every other preset when I rock the pedal from "toe down to toe up" positions. I don't have any other devices that call for an expression pedal option so I can't test it on something else.I have connected my Timefactor to my my PC and uploaded my last saved presets collection.

      Any suggestions for how I can isolate which pedal is giving me the problem?

      Thanks for the support.

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      Maybe the adjustment knob on the EV-5 got moved? Did you check this?…

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      I just re-checked the adjustment knob on my EV-5. That is not the cause of my problem. How can I go about finding my nearest servicing dealer?

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      Eventide Staff

      You should contact for service options, giving your location.

      But, my guess is that your problem is the exp pedal or cable, so you should get these checked out before you send your unit anywhere.

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