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      this is the 2nd exp. pedal I've gotten in 2 months; one a fairly cheap M-Audio when it was tried only on a Boss recorder, and now an expensive Korg XPV-10 which is a keyboard pedal, billed as being universal for guitar as well. I'm now having a similar problem with the Korg on the Modfactor as I did with the m audio: it only works as a volume control (but only in the loop; no signal straight in). Now, the display shows the numbers raising and lowering while I rock the pedal. I thought the problem then might have been from the pedal to guitar, but then I realized that the display also changed with my guitar volume knob being adjusted. Then I thought that the order seemed strange of having guitar to exp pedal to modfactor, rather than guitar to modfactor to exp. The expression pedal only has outputs (labeled), no inputs for expression use. I tried through the ins anyway and still nothing. Also made sure the volume on the pedal was set to zero. Korg has a lousy web page with no forums or help that I could see (this one is great) and I'm stumped. I would appreciate any tips at all. Sorry about this looking like an essay.

      Thanks, jo-jo ma

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      To use the Expression Pedal functionality of an Eventide Stompbox you should connect the output of your expression pedal to the Expression Pedal jack on the Stompbox, and not connect your guitar or anything else to the expression pedal when used in this manner. If your expression pedal has a fine tuning knob try turning it all the way up or all the way down to make sure that you're getting the full range of the expression pedal.  

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      I appreciate the response, but I'm still having no luck.  Is anyone else out there using a Korg xvp-10 expression pedal?  I took a chance on it on ebay cause it was $80 instead of the $135 and sometimes $165 they go for new.  I could have gotten a Boss pedal that actually has been said to work, but I figured, if a pedal costs this much (Korg), how could it not work?  Grrrrr.    Any other suggestions would be appreciated.

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      To EVENTIDE staffs:

      Sorry for replying this old thread, but I pumped into the same problem.

      I plug in the exp pedal with stereo phone cable into the timefactor exp. jack, nothing changed whatever I roll the pedal. I unplug it and turn off the TF power, try to connect exp pedal then turn it on, it was still the same.

      I didn't connect any cable to the pedal except the one to the TF exp jack, and I tried adjust the vol setting knob on the korg pedal as well, it did not solve that.

      Here is the Korg xvp-10 user's manual I found on-line, maybe it will helped,

      it's an expensive and nice crafted pedal, really hope it can work well with the TF, please help me. Thanks for your patience.

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      Eventide Staff

      We don't have experience with the Korg pedal, but it should work. You will need to connect the EXPRESSION (output) connection to the 'Factor, and adjust the volume knob for best results. It is more likely to work if you use a mono (tip,sleeve, no ring) guitar-type cable. Not all presets have expression pedal settings.

      Maybe someone out there has one working ?

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      Ya, it worded!!  Just replaced with one mono 1/4" phone jack cable.

      I think it's important to mates who use korg xvp-10 pedal. Hope this thread would helped.

      Thank you nickrose 😀

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      I looked at your KORG pedal specs and it might be an IMPEDANCE mismatch.  Time Factor works with expression pedal that ranges from 5K – 20K.  Your KORG pedal has an output impedance of 25K max. You should try with an expression pedal that maximum's impedance ranges between 5K and 20K.

      Good luck

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