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       I have both a Timefactor and Modfactor; I bought a Boss FV500 which is supposed to work with units as long as you use a stereo cord. The unit seems to work with the presets but I can't get it to work with my own settings. I've read the manual, follow the steps, and I'm pretty sure I'm doing it correctly, but when I try to program the parameters, the pedal will not change the parameters correctly – it does change something, but not the parameter(s) I've assigned to it.  Also, the pedal will not go from 0-100, usually it will only go up to 84. I'm using a Hosa CSS-110 1/4" Sterio phone plug for the expression pedal. Is this the correct cord? Any help would be appreciated. Thanks

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      Make sure that the Shape knob and Mod Source knob are not set to EXP PDL, as this setting will override expression pedal programming.

      As for the value only going to 88, make sure that the expression pedal's fine-tuning knob is turned all the way off, and try powering up the stompbox AFTER plugging in the expression pedal.


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       I have the same pedal, make sure the knob on the side, if looking straght at it, is turned all the way to the left. I have never had an issue with this not working for setting the unit.

       NOW , I am having an issue with deleting them. I'll move the pedal so the light on TF blinks then put it in heel down position and set the param, let's say MIX, to 0 the move the pedal to toe down position and also set to 0 wait for the light to stop blinking on the TF and sometimes it works, sometimes it does nothing and sometimes it will change the low and high values of the pedal to something totally different, instead of anything near 0. Say they were at 30 and 100 and I zero it out as described above, the unit might reset them to 48 and 72 or something! I've tried to also set both heel down and toe down to 50, 100, 25, 70 etc… it just seems to work sometimes and not others, the Boss FV500 is set correct, works on setting new param changes and moves the values correctly for anything that is set….not sure what the deal is, maybe I'll make a second post for this.

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      I had the same problem when using my expression pedal..only going to 88 etc…
      I found if I unplug the cable from the expression pedal from the timefactor and re-insert it that it will go the full range…hope this works for you.

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