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      I have all 3 stompboxes and need some help. I want to have one expression pedal affecting the 3 units and have a external MIDI controller to change programs on them. BUT :

      To control the 3 boxes with one expression pedal, I have setup the master unit with MIDI output XMT and the other 2 have MIDI output THRU. Worked well…

      To control them ( Program Change ) using a external MIDI controller, the master have to say with MIDI output THRU, to pass the info to the other 2…works well, but then the expression pedal doesn't go through to the other two units : (

      That's my problem…I can't do both, which is what I need…

      Does anyone knows how to do it ? Any workaround or setting ?

      Thanks for the help!!!

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      Eventide Staff

      Sounds like you need a MIDI merge box. Talk to the nice people at MIDI Solutions.

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