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      Hi everybody!

      Got me a Modfactor and I love it!

      I was thinking of making my own expression pedal out of a beat up wah pedal and I'm not sure of exactly how to tackle it.

      I understand that the expression pedal input on the MF is a mono jack, and that the pot needs to be no greater than 25k ohm, but as the Roland EV-5 works (10k ohm pot) Then I assume that the pot can be anything under 25k…I'll get a 25k one anyway…

      If I switch the pot in the wah and remove all of the other guts, can I just wire up the jack to the pot and that's it? like the attached picture

      I was wondering this because the EB VP JR 25k is said to be active – I was thinking that the active part was when using a guitar with active pickups when using it as a volume pedal, if this is not the case then it seems to suggest that the VP has a powered output when using it as an expression pedal, so how would the wiring/components work with that?

      If I'm right in thinking that just wiring up a pot like in the diagram above, then there would be no need for a power supply so that would be an advantage.

      Can anyone shed any light on this?

      Thanks guys!

      Oh yeah! – +1 on the Verbfactor idea – massive hall reverb with full wet mix is my idea of heaven! I play with a cello bow on occasion and having reverb like that sounds awesome!

      Maybe the inclusion of a fender twin type reverb and a warm plate reverb would be nice. A tails option (reverb continues to a natural decay when the effect is turned off rather than a sudden halt) that switches into true bypass when the reverb is finished decaying would be awesome – digitech hardwire reverb has a tails option but that means that the signal is buffered continuously meaning no true bypass at all.

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      Eventide Staff

      You can use a pedal between about 10K and 25K.

      It should be connected between tip (pot center connection) and sleeve. Any necessary power is supplied by the unit.

      Trial and error will be safe – it won't break easily unless you connect high voltages to it (DON'T).

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      Cool thanks!

      I've wired it up and it's working great! I'm using a 22k pot and it does the trick! It looks cool too – I used an original crybaby and custom painted it copper with verdigris – looks awesome!

      Thanks for the help!

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