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         Hello everyone! Newbie to the forum, here… I'm having an issue with my Pitchfactor and I'm hoping someone can shed some light on this for me. Eventide has been great in researching this problem so far, I just thought I'd see if anyone else has had the same issue and what they did about it. My problem is that I can't get the PF to respond in Pitchflex via MIDI. I'm using a Ground Control Pro with a VP Jr. as an expression pedal through the controller. I am using preset 21:2 which is the 2 octave up setting. I set everything up in system mode as instructed. I selected pedal and assigned the controller number. When I actuate the pedal, I can see the numbers change on the display, but, nothing happens. There is no effect…just my normal unaffected guitar signal. I have updated to the current software and that has not helped. I can, however, assign the pedal to K2 and get it to work. The only problem with that is that the sweep is intervalic and does not have the smooth pitch bend of an actual whammy pedal. If I bypass MIDI and hook the pedal directly in to the jack on the PF via a mono cable, it works fine. Of course the whole point of having MIDI, for me, is to avoid the extra cables and such. As I said earlier, Eventide is working on it, but, I gig regularly and need help as fast as I can get it. So, if anyone can offer any help, it would be much appreciated. Thanks!

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      We've tested this and it appears to be a bug. We are working on it. Thanks for the heads up!


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      Eventide Staff

      Hi fredp322,

      As a temporary workaround for any immediate gigs, just simply plug any cable into the exp. pedal jack on the back of the PF.  It doesn't have to be plugged into anything else on the other end.  You should be able to use Exp. Pedal over MIDI with this configuration.   Can you confirm this works?


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         I'll give it a try and let you know…Thanks very much!

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      FCB1010 -> PitchFactor 3.0.0beta[16]

      RCV CTL = CC xxx -> PDL (only)

      MIDI Channel 2 transmit (FCB) & receive (PF)

      Output = THRU

      CLK IN = ON

      I can confirm the same over-MIDI results as the OP in the 21:2 preset without an expression pedal plugged in.  And I can report the "plug" workaround does correct the behavior for that preset.  What I find puzzling is that that the same MIDI input works as expected on many other presets – with or without a plug inserted in the EXP PED jack.

      These odd results seem to be isolated to presets based on the PitchFlex algorithm.  I never noticed this before; probably because I always have an expression pedal AND MIDI input connected to the PitchFactor.

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        The plug workaround did work to a degree. The exp. pedal worked via MIDI, but, the pitchbend had a tendency to "jump" at the end of it's travel. I've just decided to run an extra cable from my VP Jr. to the PF until Eventide gets this worked out. I did hear from Eventide and they said that their engineers did confirm that it was a software bug peculiar to the Pitchflex setting. They also said that they are working on it and hope to have it corrected in the next software update. In spite of the problem, I have to say that Eventide has some darned good customer service, at least in my experience.

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      Is that bug have been reintroduced on v5.4 ?

      My Expression pedal Midi works on algo except Pitchflex :'(

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