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      im considering purchasing an timefactor but have a simple question before i purchase.

      i want to be able to use an expression pedal solely to control the feedback of the delay, simple right. well my question is: can i set up the expression pedal to control just feedback and use the tap tempo function to set the tempo simultaneously for both heel down and toe down.

      if im playing a set and want to change tempo on the fly i don't want to have to do it twice.

      i hope this makes sense.


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      I guess what you'd have to do is program a preset where the exp pedal is assigned both to feedback control and delay time. Once you're through with it (piece of cake), you have to set a minimum value for dly time at heel down position, and a max value for toe down. That way you'll be navigating from one delay time to another. Be aware that you'll be hearing the speed-up/slowing down effect while moving from one position to another, unless you use the dedicated delay type developed by eventide which is DIGITAL DELAY (it won't work with other delay types such as Mod Delay or Vintage Delay). Try starting off with preset #5:1, you'll see what I mean.

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      yes, i know how to do that but that is not what i want. i have to do that with my line 6 and it is the reason im lookin for a new delay (well one of the reasons).

      i simple want to be able to use tap tempo to set tempo and the expression pedal to only control feedback.

      my other pedal option is the diamond memory lane analogue delay, which has an expression pedal expressly for feedback, but id like to get time factor for the multitude of other options.

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      I use a boss fs-5u via aux switch to set the tempo and an m-audio expression pedal to control feedback and other parameters. Great set-up and vey flexible too. 

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      If you set the Expression Pedal to control just Feedback, then that is all it will control. You can then use an Aux Sw to tap in the tempo and it will stay the same, heel up or down. 

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      thanks for the response.

      in this instance do you have to use an auxiliary switch for tap tempo, or can you just use the onboard tap tempo switch – either way if fine, just curious.

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       In Bank Mode, you need an Aux Swto tap in the tempo. In Play Mode you can use the Tap Tempo Switch.

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      The expression pedal on the timefactor does not work like the Line6
      pedal at all (thankfully). In the Line6 DL4, the expression pedal
      morphs between two preset settings, whereas the Timefactor works like a
      conventional expression pedal should (i.e. varying a single, or
      multiple parameters within a single preset). 

      said, if you do not change the delay time knob(s) while assigning the
      expression pedal, you will have a constant tap-tempo for both heel



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      thanks guys, this helped me out. awesome.

      will get my pedal soon.

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