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      I just wanted to pass along some information, in case it might be helpful to other users. I have a TF and Modfactor. I am using an RJM Mastermind for midi control. The mastermind has an expression pedal input, which you can assign to a CC, which, of course, can be assigned to some function in the TF and MF. I had been using an Ernie Ball volume pedal and an M-audio expression pedal into the Mastermind. With both pedals, I had problems with the Timefactor. For example, when I assign the CC assigned to the pedal in the Mastermind to the Mix knob on the Timefactor, the pedal did not sweep evenly from 0 to 127. I tried numerous times to calibrate the pedal, but it always just sweeped erratically through the range. I finally tried a Yamaha FC7. This is a winning combination. Now the sweep from 0 to 127 is even.

      So, if you have an RJM Mastermind and a Timefactor, and you are having trouble with other expression/volume pedals, try the Yamaha FC7. 

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