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      Hi. I have configured a 2 button external switch. Works fine..but is not recognised at startup. Have to unplug and re insert into H90 auxillary port every time to be recognised.

      Also, port connection led lights on top have same behaviour. Have to unplug audio input cable and re-insert to be recognised. All audio signal passes through fine..but no lights and IO (under System IO ports) until unplug/plug is carried out. Thanks.

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      Eventide Staff

      What version of the H90 software are you using? Go to System Settings > About.

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      Latest updated software Joe.

      I have found the problem. I was using the 12v setting on my Cioks 8 extension. The 8 is the extension of my Cioks DC7.

      Plugged into a 12v socket on the DC7…..problem solved.

      I guess the extension does not output the same milliamps as the DC7.

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