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      I thought it would be easy but I’m just getting stupid I guess. I was looking for, but don’t see, a ‘map’ with the program PC numbers.

      I would like to be able to program my external device, Luminite Graviton M1, to load and activate a particular H90 program in its currently saved state. For example, to load and activate the H90’s User list 2, Program 06.

      I’m guessing I have to be using User List 2 to start with and then I should be able to program a ‘preset’ in the Luminite Graviton M1.

      Can anyone tell me how to do that? I’m pretty sure once I know how to do that I’ll be able to figure out other similar assignments.


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      Program Number is = to PC number

      so for example Program #1 on H90 = PC1

      the interesting thing is that when you switch user list it will now trigger same Program # but on the new list


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      I cant find where to receive PC changes anywhere on the H90 under midi global setting or in the manual. There are parameter settings for load and increment + and – CC changes, but nothing on PC cChanges. I am truying to match presets  on the RJM PBC 10 with the H90.

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