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      I'm anticipating getting both the TF and MF.  After looking through as much as I can find I'm unclear as to what the remote 3 switch setup does.  Does it replace the 3 switches on the box or does it add 3 switches to them.  Does it have an advantage only in preset mode or can it be used when dialing in changes as well.  Sorry if this is too elementary…but I'm kind of confused.   Thanks,  Harlan

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        Both MF and TF can be controlled from an AUX switch  – this is usually foot switches set up to generate a signal when either (tip or ring) or both (tip and ring) are pressed.

      These switches can be used to control a range of pedal functions and also to generate MIDI signals. They may also be set up to generate play mode signals when in preset mode and vice-versa.

      You will probably want to read the User Manuals with great concentration to understand further.

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