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      Im really digging my H9 units, they completely replaced my rack setup.  I use 2 of them with an external midi controller to change presets and also an external tap tempo switch, which seems to be a pretty common setup of players with larger boards that sinc several units together.  What it does though is leave the right footswitch on the h9 units with no funtion (unless you count the blinking tempo light) .  So my question is, if there was enough support would Eventide ever consider giving us an option of making the footswitch assignable to another function.  Personally I would love to be able set it as the Hotswitch (not hotknob) function from the app or some other assignable aux switch.  

      Would love to hear if anyone else uses their H9s with external controls and wish they had control of what that footswitch could be asigned as!

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