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      I've finally gotten around to naming and organizing presets on my Time Factor and I've been using the Factor Lib to do this and I've noticed a few quirky things while using the program plus I have a few questions about it's operation and what's the best work flow practice when using it. I'm running it on a Mac computer.

      ?I notice when you first open a Factor Lib document and you want to name presets and copy text from a word processing document, the keyboard commands don't work (command-V on a mac) until you first go up to the Edit menu and go down to "PasteText" which will paste the text in the doc and after that the keyboard commands work correctly in that document. Also trying to change the font crashes FL.

      ?One thing I painfully discovered is that if you have renamed any presets or added any text or descriptions to a Factor Lib doc then you have to make sure and select "Save As" and make sure to select "All Files" not just "Factor Pedal Presets" when you go to save the document or the text you added will not be there the next time you open the syx file. For some reason saving All Files is not default though it should be and the only way you get to choose it as an option is when you "Save As" a plain Save doesn't bring up the Save All Files option. An xml file with the same name as the syx file gets created and saved in the same directory. I had named most of my presets and didn't realize there was a special way you had to save and all of my names are gone so I'll have to redo that and save "All Files" this time. I went and reread the Factor Lib thread from a while back after the fact but there was nothing about this in the Factor Lib manual so it might be good to make people aware that names and presets are stored separate and make the option to save names easier to get to.

      Since none of the preset naming in Factor Lib will show up on the TF (yet anyway Big Smile ) what happens later on when I edit some of the preset parameters on the Factor pedal like feedback, filters and mod speed, depth etc and then copy the presets back to the Factor Lib to save the preset data for backup? Will I have to name the patches all over again? Is there anyway to retain the preset names but update just the syx file? Fifty presets is more than I'll ever use so I don't see myself editing on more than one Time Factor document at a time and other wise it will be too confusing to keep track of all the presets.

      Until we can get some kind of patch naming on the Factor pedal display itself there needs to be a better way to import and export text into the Factor Lib for preset naming or at least a way to print out a list of presets to help keep track of everything. If I don't have something printed out I'll never remember which preset is which on a gig and it's fairly tedious to cut and paste back and forth from Factor Lib into a word processor just to print it out. It would be nice to select all or some of the presets and then export that info as a text file to put into a WP for printing.

      I'm really digging the new presets and sounds and those new Vintage and Tape delays and the new filters are great! Very cool phasy sounds.

      Keep up the great work!?Thanks for listening.?


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